Madonna di Campiglio trekking

Residence Hotel Ambiez has selected for you some of the most suggestive mountain paths for Madonna di Campiglio trekking, to make your holiday unforgettable.
This page in particular is dedicated to those who used to walking in the mountains and lists paths that require a certain physical preparation.
If you are looking for some easier trails have look at our selection of hiking trails, easy or intermediate.

Malga Ritorto - Intermediate

Number 2 on the map

Difference in altitude: 235 m
Point of departure: Via Adamello, Madonna Di Campiglio, where the pharmacy is
Arrival: Malga Ritorto 1760m

1. 15 min: Heading south take via Adamello and then take the path that you will after 15 minutes of walking where the car park is.
2. 15 min: After the bridge, where the road is flat and wide, you will find a crossroads. Take the right path and start climbing.
3. 20 min: Here, the most difficult point of the itinerary, is made less intense thanks to the wide turns, allowing you to reach a flat area at an altitude of 1660m
4. 20 min: The slope decreases in this section and you'll have to follow the path that leads to a wide glade below the Malga Ritorto.
5. 10 min: Once in the clearing circumvent the pasture to the south and then go up again until you reach the strada forestale that leads to the hut. Here you can rest and eat at the restaurant.

The way of Fevri - Difficult

Number 4 on the map

Difference in altitude: 755 m
Point of departure: Chiesa Santa Maria Antica
Arrival: Rifugio Graffer 2261m

1. 30 min - From the church go north in Via Campanil Basso until you reach the crossroads with Via Spinale, then take the path that heads to Piazza Imperatrice.
2. 40 min – Once in the piazza continue on the path that will lead you to Malga Fevri at 1950m above sea level
3. 40 min – At this point turn right and cross the plateau to reach the Spinale lake (2036m). After a short uphill you will find Camp Ceteneir.
4. 40 min - Keeping the plain on the left, cross a saddle and you will reach the easiest access point to cross the slope. Once you pass it you will find the refuge where you can rest and refresh.

Bumps of Vagliana - Difficult

Number 9 on the map

Difference in altitude: 910 m
Point of departure: Via Pian dei Frari intersection with Dossi of Vagliana - Centro del Fondo
Arrival: Grostè Cable car station 2070m

1. 25 min - From the Centro del Fondo take the marked trail to the east leading to Malga Mondifrà
2. 30 min – Leaving behind the grazing, the woods will get thicker and you will start climbing the ridge of Valgelada up to the Malga Vaglianella.
3. 35 min - Continue uphill along the strada forestale heading to the Malga Vagliana
4. 10 min - After you reach the hut turn right and climb up the slope to the Sella di Vagliana at an altitude of 2083m
5. 25 min - From the Sella you start descending keeping the ski slope on the left and, once you reach the bottom of the hill, turn left. Continuing on a flat stretch pass the Pozza di Boch, then take the up road that reaches the point of arrival.

If you stay at the Residence Ambiez in Madonna di Campiglio you can easily reach the entrance of each of these trekking trails and fully enjoy the beautiful slopes of the Dolomites.