Hiking Madonna di Campiglio

The Ambiez residence has selected for you some of the most suggestive mountain paths for hiking Madonna di Campiglio, to make your holiday unforgettable.
This page is dedicated to those who love walking surrounded by nature with not much effort and paths do not require physical preparation.
If you are looking for a greater challenge then go to the hiking page (intermediate) or the trekking page (difficult).


Path "Dei Siori" - Easy

Number 1 on the map

Difference in altitude: 40m
Point of departure: Via Adamello, Madonna Di Campiglio at the pharmacy
Arrival: A small town called Panorama 1550 m.

1. 15 min - Heading south you can walk along via Adamello and then take the path that is after 15 minutes of walking up to the car park.
2. 15 min - After the bridge where the road is flat and wide, you will find a junction, pass it and go up to a second crossroads, about 100 meters far. Take the road on the right.
3. 5 min - You will find a gentle climb that will take you to the bridge over the Rio Colarin from where you can reach the final destination.

Terrazza sul Brenta - Easy

Number 5 on the map

Difference in altitude: 70 m
Point of departure: Refuge Dosson on top of Mount Spinale accessible via the cable car in Via Spinale in Madonna di Campiglio
Arrival: Cable car station on Pian del Grostè 2070m

1. 15 min - from the refuge hike down to the east keeping to the side of the ski slope for about 300 meters descending and then to the right reaching the valley below.
2. 25 min - Heading southeast you will reach another path that leads towards Lake Spinale. Take it and follow it up to Camp Ceteiner. Here you will have to take the path that leads north.
3. 20 min - You will find a wide plain that continues until the top of the hill, followed by a little ridge that will lead you to the Grostè lifts. After a few meters down a flat pass will take you to the strada forestale, take it and you will reach the cable car where you can get back to Madonna di Campiglio, right near our hotel.

Archduke path - Easy

Number 6 on the map

Difference in altitude: 125 m
Point of departure: Via Vallesina Madonna di Campiglio
Arrival: Rifugio Vallesinella 1513m

1. 30 min: Walk south in Via Vallesina until you reach a downhill road, you'll find yourself in a clearing among the fir trees from where the trail begins. Continue on the path and you will find a source where you can stock up on water and then a forest of beech trees. You have to take the left path once you reach at the fork.
2. 45 min - Continuing in this flat stretch with just few irregularities you will reach the first refuge, Cascate di Mezzo, and then, later, the refuge of Vallesinella.

If you stay at Residence Ambiez in Madonna di Campiglio you can easily reach the entrance of each of these trekking trails and fully enjoy the beautiful slopes of the Dolomites.